Suryavamsam (1998)

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The movie Suryavamsam has Venkatesh and Meena as the lead pair. The story has Venkatesh in dual role as a father and a son. Harischandra Prasad (Venkatesh) is a respected man in his village for his good deeds. He lives with his joint family wife Vasundhara (Radika), three sons and a daughter. The third son name is Bhanu (Venkatesh) who is often looked down by his father as he is a illetrate and not fit for any work. Singaraju Lingaraju  is the sole enemy to Harischandra Prasad.

Swapna (Meena) meets Bhanu in a marriage function and misunderstands him as a servant. Later she gets to know about Bhanu and his past where a girl named Madhavi (Sanghavi) tries to commit suicide only because she don’t want to be married to Bhanu. In order not to spoil the her life, Bhanu tells that he is not interested to marry her. Due to this, the father and son relation gets more worst. Later Bhanu and Swapna both marry and stay away from their families as none of the parents wanted them to get married. One fine day, Madhavi  meets Bhanu and insults him to be foolish and work less. This makes Bhanu determined and he starts doing business along with Swapna completing her I.A.S Studies. The couple have a son named after Harischandra Prasad. Few days later, the grandson meets his grand father and they both become friends through various interactions. Later, they get to know how they are related to each other. The story will take a twist when Harischandra Prada’s only enemy Singaraju Lingaraju tries to poison him via the delicacy given by his grandson causing people to suspect Bhanu. At the end , all the misunderstandings are clarified and the father and son reunite.