About R.R Shinde

R.R shinde
R.R Shinde – Director (TFI)

R.R Shinde ( 9 July 1950 – 14 Oct 2001 ) was an Indian Film/Movie Director. He has worked in many Telugu  movies which has done well at the box office collections and also got some good review. He stepped into the Telugu Film Industry with his utmost passion and dedication towards movie making. With his talent and experience towards scripting and  Direction down the lane, he was able to grab the opportunities and work with the major Production houses in the Telugu Industry.

R.R Shinde started his career with Suresh productions and worked under Rama Naidu’s guidance. He has also worked for other major production houses like Gemini Film Circuit, Usha Kiran movies,Good knight Films, Super good Films,Annapurna Studios at the different levels  during his journey.