Nirnayam (1991)

Nirnayam Telugu Movie - R.R Shinde Movie list


Nirnayam is 1991 Telugu movie directed by Priyadarshan and Co- Directed by R.R Shinde. The movie has Nagarjuna and Amla Akkineni as the lead pair. Vamsi Krishna (Nagarjuna) is a sincere cop. He goes under cover with his two other police mates to catch Raghuram (Mural Mohan). Geeta (Amla) happens to be the daughter of Raghuram. Vamsi keeps an eye on Geeta’s movements  so that they can catch her father. Geeta is living with her aunt. With regular interactions in disguise and not as a cop, Vamsi falls for Geeta. He keeps  following her. Geeta likes Vamsi but is a  conscious person by nature, so takes things slowly. Later Geeta comes to know that Vamsi is a cop and he might be a threat to her father. The story now revolves on how  he convinces Geeta,Vamsi catches Raghuram and gets to know some real facts which reveal that Raghuram was not the real criminal. In fact, he  was victimized by the main criminal (Sharat saxena).