Ninne Premistha (2000)

Ninne Premistha - R.R Shinde movie list


The movie has Nagarjuna, Soundarya and Srikanth in the lead roles. The movie was 2000 blockbuster with some awesome comedy by Rajendra Prasad.

The story begins with Kalyan (Srikanth) sitting in a bus heading towards a town where is appointed as a Banker. On the way, Kalyan’s bus meets with an accident and Kalyan looses his vision. He is then hospitalized and gets his new vision with someone’s else eyes. There is quiet a good bit of comedy in between the main plots by the the various villagers. Kalyan happens to stay in a house which is opposite to Meghamala’s house (Soundarya). Meghamala keeps following Kalyan and does all the work for him like cleaning the house, cooking food, giving him stuff that is good for health. Srikanth assumes that Meghamala loves him and he falls for her. He informs about this to his parents and asks his parents to visit Meghamala’s family to take things further. With both the parents talks, Meghamala informs them that she does not love Kalyan and tells his parents to go away.

Kalyan gets angry as she acted all good and now is refusing to marry him. This is when the story twist comes up. Meghamala tells her past about Srinivas (Nagarjuna) who was an army officer and they were about to get married. Srinivas dies in the same bus accident as Kalyan’s  and his eyes will be donated to Kalyan. She tells Kalyan that she was following him not because she loves him but due to Srinivas’s eyes. Hearing this,Kalyan gets disappointed and leaves the town. Kalyan marriage is being arranged by his parents later, but at last Kalyan decides that he wants to be with Meghamala and so breaks the marriage. The story ends on a open note with Kalyan getting back to work in the same place where Meghamala stays hoping to win her confidence one fine day.