Naa Manasistha Raa

Naa Manasistha Raa - R.R Shinde movies

The movie  Naa Manasistha Raa  is  a triangular love story. For the first time in  Soundarya’s film career, she was given a negative role for which she has received good critics review with her excellent and realistic acting. The movie was Late R.R Shinde’s last movie  as a Director due to his death after the completion of the movie schedule.


The story starts with Shankar (Srikanth) and Nandini’s  (Soundarya) friendship.  Shankar stays as a tenant in Nandini’s place. Nandini is accompanied with her brother with whom she does not jel well. She treats her brother as a enemy and shankar acts as a messenger between both the brother and sister in their day to day life. Shankar keeps searching for jobs and Nandini is pursing medicine. One fine day, Shankar goes to the bus stop and there he sees Seershika (Richa pallod) for the first time. He falls in love with her madly and keeps going to the bus stop regularly to see Seershika. He informs Nandini about his love and Nandini keeps helping Shankar in his love story. She also goes with Shankar and gets to see Seershika whom he is loving. With Shankar appearing everyday at the bus stop, Seershika notices and starts liking him. Later,Seershika gets into the same bus which Shankar goes by. She also falls in love with him  in the due course.

While the story is all happy go lucky so far, the twist comes in place. Soundarya feels insecure about Shankar and Seershika relation and feels that she is in love with him. She takes advantage of a situation  when Shankar mother gets ill and wants him to get married before her operation as she is not sure of her life. Shankar’s mother get Seershika’s proposal but as Shankar and Seershika don’t know each other names, they ruin the proposal by going late. Later, Nandini informs his mother that there is a girl in Shankar’s life by which his mother feels that its Nandini. Nandini does not deny and acts like she is Shankar’s love before his parents. She convinces Shankar to act up for sometime till his mother health gets  better.In the meantime, she tries to create rift between Shankar and Seershika. Shankar gets to know about Nandini’s intention and warns her not to behave like that. In order to get Shankar , she acts good even before her brother whom she doesn’t like and makes Shankar look bad before him. She behaves badly with Seershika and tells her to go off to some other place, whereas her brother will help in getting a transfer for her father. Seershika gets shocked seeing Nandini behavior and feels humiliated by Nandini’s acts. All this is seen by Nandini’s brother and he understands her intention.He tries to warn her but she does not listen.

In the climax, Seershika drinks poison as she don’t want to leave Shankar and at the same time she don’t know how to handle Nandini. Seershika parents take her to the hospital and there she is treated by none other than Nandini due to doctors strike. Shankar reaches the hospital and gets to know that Nandini is treating Seershika and feels that she might kill her as well.He sacrifices his love and tells that he will love Nandini on the condition that she should save Seershika’s life. Nandini saves Seershika’s life and at last and she realizes how she has been all this while. Shankar and Seershika both unite at the end and all the misunderstandings between Nandini and her brother is cleared.