Kaliyuga Panduvulu (1986)

R.R Shinde movies list - Kaliyuga Pandavulu


The story starts with the introduction of Vijay (Venkatesh) who is the son of a millioner Chakrapani (Rao Gopal Rao). Vijay is  proud and mischievous by nature who keeps making fun of his college friends. Bharathi (Khusboo) is also from the same college as Vijay. She is from a middle class family and is been often made fun of by Vijay. One fine day, Bharathi saves Vijay’s life and things around Vijay changes all of a sudden. He realizes how he has been so far and falls in love with Bharathi.

He wants to marry Bharathi but his father is against him getting married to a girl from middle class background. He makes a plan with Bharathi’s brother in law who wants to marry Bharathi. With his political support (MLA Eekambaram and gang), he proves in the court of law that Bharathi is a prostitute. Bharathi father dies and she leaves the place. Vijay fights with his father and leaves the house. He gets to know that Bharathi is staying with her elder sister Krishnaveni (Saritha) who are been taken care by Retried Army Officer Bhishmanarayan (Ranganath).

Vijay approaches Bhishmanarayan and with his aspiration, he forms a team with Bharathi and three other friends called “Kaliyuga Pandavulu” a revolutionary union that fights against anti social elements. They get the criminals punished in the court of law and court verdicts Bharathi as innocent.