Gardish - R.R Shinde


The hindi movie Gardish was released in the year 1993 directed by Priyadarshan and assisted by R.R Shinde with other associate directors. The story is about a father Havaldar Purshotam Sathe (Amrish puri)  and son Shiva Sathe (Jackie Shroff) relation where the father is a police cop and dreams his son to become a police inspector. Vidya Bhalla (Aishwarya) is from a rich household and dreams of having a life partner who is daring ,strong and romantic. She sees all these qualities in Shiva sathe and approaches her father Prithviraj for marriage proposal. Shiva sathe and Vidya both get engaged later. Seeing his father getting hurt due to the criminals, Shiva gets involved in criminal activities to fight against the bad people and  gets  known for all bad things. He is then  arrested by his own father several times for his crimes. Shiva Sathe’s brother-in-law gets to know about Shiva’s involvement in underworld and informs Prithviraj  about the same. The engagement is called off.When Shiva will be in jail, he is been provided bail by a woman named Shanti (Dimple kapadia) who will be playing a prostitute role.Shiva Kills the existing underworld Don Billa Jilani (Mukesh Rishi) and gets arrested for a long time. At last, a father’s dream to see his son as a inspector crashes and he accepts the fact that his son has a criminal record and nothing can be done. The movie ends with the director showing the glimpse  of Shiva sathe’s criminal records.

Filmfare award : Best art Direction , Best editing and Best action.